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How do the courses work? What materials are included with course purchases/sign ups? (Course Details)

Each course contains the following components:

These are self-paced online courses where you get instant 24/7 access to study on your own but you also get the benefit of an in-class program because you can ask your instructor questions if you need to.

You generally get 4 main things when you sign up to our licensing courses: 

    • Study Notes: covering all the important concepts in simple and plain language
    • Online Lectures: provide additional explanations and examples to help you understand and apply to concepts
    • Practice Questions: to help you prepare for the exam and to assess weaknesses
    • Access to a Course Tutor: to answer any questions you have while studying so you're not studying alone.
You can read more on the respective course pages.  Just scroll down to the "How It Works" section.