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The difference PNC Learning & other course providers

Three things set us apart

    • I think there are 3 things that set up apart: teaching style, level of student support & course design.
      • Teaching Style: We like to keep things simple.  We help you by simplifying complex ideas and giving you the key concepts & defining key terms in plain English with ZERO jargon.  We also provide tons of questions for you to practice with.
      • Support: We have a course tutor on hand practically 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any and all questions quickly.  I've personally taken student questions at 3am in the morning (on several occasions)!  When you call or message us, you are getting put through to a real person.  We are fanatical about student success and offer services to support that.
      • Course (Instructional) Design: We constantly track quiz results and student feedback to improve our courses.  For example, if we notice that students are routinely performing poorly on a particular chapter quiz or ask similar questions, we will go back and redesign that chapter to make things more clear.  We spend 90+% of our time tweaking courses and answering student questions.